GenoProof Mixture  – A Complete Solution for Complex Forensic DNA Samples

GenoProof Mixture is an expert system for the analysis of forensic samples and complex DNA mixtures that covers the entire evaluation process.

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The software covers your whole workflow of forensic DNA analysis: .fsa and .hid raw data analysis, creation of DNA profiles, biostatistics calculation, and reporting. Special features for mixture evaluation enable to compare samples or to generate virtual samples. All functions are based on a comprehensive reference database of test kits, markers and allele frequencies that can be complemented to your needs.


GenoProof® Mixture raw data analysis is a first rate alternative to ABI Gene-Mapper® software in terms of usability, robustness and speed. The EasyRead Technology enables to read in almost any file without any manually adjustments.

Established and Approved

GenoProof® Mixture is used in different certified legal medicine institutes, forensic DNA police labs as well as state or private labs with focus on forensics in Europe. To ensure a high quality of your daily work it offers artifact filters, contamination checks, change tracking and lots more. All biostatistic calculations are performed according to ISFG and legal recommendations.


EasyRead Technology

GenoProof® Mixture provides highly sophisticated size and allele calling algo- rithms for high-throughput raw data analysis of .fsa and .hid files. This genotyping tool supports the automated analysis of commercial and in-house multiplex PCR kits for autosomal and gonosomal markers as well as 6-dye STR kits. EasyRead is robust even for problematic raw data and easy to learn with an user-friendly interface.


The software calculates all necessary biostatistic values according to ISFG recommendations. It supports mixed sample evaluation according to both the RMNE model as well as to the likelihood ratio model including a free formation of hypotheses and consideration of subpopulations. Additionally, it enables considering drop-out and drop-in probabilities following the ISFG recommendations 2012.

DNA Mixtures

GenoProof® Mixture offers various functionalities and tools for your DNA mixture analysis. Thus, the program compares DNA mixtures with all the reference samples. Furthermore, a unique virtual sample creator can be used to generate main causer profiles of mixtures or to create fictitious mixed samples for comparison with other samples or simulation of assumptions.


With GenoProof® Mixture you can define a variety of reports displayed in pdf or rtf (Word) format. Reports, electropherograms and tables can be printed directly and fast.

Your benefits

  • Easy Data Exchange with commercial software such as GeneMapper® ID or Qualitype products, Export in CODIS format
  • Data Management for storing and filtering all the information about cases, materials and samples
  • Expandable Reference Data including continuously updated markers, test kits and a population databases with more than 1000 allele frequency tables
  • Single or Multi User Version via desktop system with a local database or client-server system with a shared database
  • Integrated Right Concept to guarantee data security and data protection
  • User Friendly Interface that makes easy to learn, efficient to work and satisfying to use the software
  • Extensive Services by Qualitype GmbH such as support, training and customizations

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