Professional solutions for low-field NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) applications.


Animal NMR & MRI
Contrast Agent MRI
Educational NMR & MRI
NMR analyzer and imaging system for larger size samples, combining outstanding features such as overall design, cavity flexibility, wide-range of applications, convenient handling, analysis and imaging integrated.
Small size, high precision, good repeatability, good stability and excellent cost/benefit performance. 
Virtual MRI Data Acquisition and Image Reconstruction Software (VMRI), is a newly developed NMR teaching software. It can simulate the whole MRI process, including basic imaging sequence, data acquisition, K space filled, and several other major aspects of image reconstruction.
Food & Agriculture
Rock & Core NMR & MRI
Textile NMR & MRI
  • NMR Analyzer for Food
  • NMR Automation Oil Seed Sorting System
  • NMR Solid Fat Content Analyzer
  • NMR Moisture Content Analyzer for seeds
  • NMR Imager and Analyzer For Food &       Agriculture
  • Exploration and development of Gas field
  • Exploration and development of low permeability oil field
  • Exploration and development of Gas field
  • Cross-linking density analyzer NMR and MR system for polymer.
  • Rapid determination of spin-finish content of textile fibre.