Our products are based on the unique properties of both constant (i.e., static) and alternating (i.e., pressure cycling technology, or PCT) hydrostatic pressure. PCT is a patented enabling technology platform that uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels to safely and reproducibly control bio-molecular interactions.

To date, we have installed nearly 300 PCT Systems in over 150 leading academic, government, biotech, and pharma laboratories worldwide, with primary applications in biomarker discovery, forensics, agriculture, and pathology. There are over 100 scientific papers published on the advantages of the PCT platform, many by key opinion leaders worldwide. Customers also use our products in other areas, such as drug discovery & design, bio-therapeutics characterization, soil & plant biology, vaccine development, histology, and forensic applications.
​The qualitype GmbH is a software system supplier for digital laboratory and manufacturing processes based in Germany. For over 15 years, our customers worldwide have been successful through efficiency, flexibility, cost minimization and time saving in their laboratory and manufacturing work. By implementing a responsible quality assurance system, we support the product safety and ensure a sustainable data handling.
Stelar Srl is an independent company which was established in 1984 in Mede, Italy, with the objective of offering new accessories, equipment and services for NMR research. For many years Stelar was one of the few companies manufacturing low resolution NMR spectrometers, NMR software and upgrading kits for existing commercial NMR spectrometers. These activities allowed Stelar to acquire and consolidate a strong know-how in NMR instrumentation.

In 1994 Stelar embarked on a research and development project aimed at the development of advanced instrumentation for a novel low-field NMR technique, called Fast Field Cycling (FFC) NMR relaxometry. This challenging development was successful and allowed Stelar to introduce the first commercial FFC NMR instrument, called Spinmaster FFC, to the market in the 1997. 

Stelar’s experience and unique innovative technology has gained the company a strong reputation as the absolute leader in FFC NMR relaxometry. Indeed, Stelar is dedicated to continuous development of FFC NMR instrumentation by employing methods which exploit the latest technologies in electronics design and by integrating FFC NMR with other related techniques.

The FFC NMR method has been adopted in many NMR laboratories around the world and successfully applied in fields such as materials science (polymers, liquid crystals, porous materials, etc.), biomedical research (MRI contrast agents, proteins, pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations, etc.) and food science. Stelar is keenly focused on the development of new applications for FFC NMR which can lead to the increased awareness and use of FFC NMR for industrial research, development and manufacturing. 

Stelar is also actively involved in a number of research and development projects for novel electronic scientific instrumentation.
Niumag Corporation is an international high-tech corporation focusing on development and application spread of low-field NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), with strong development ability, sophisticated customer service system and internal management system.

Niumag Corporation now has three core product lines, multiple invention patents and software copyrights. Independent development and innovation mechanism and perfect product architecture has formed in both core technique and product lines. The NMR imaging system pioneered by Niumag Corporation as a technology-mature and performance-steady laboratory analytical instrument has obtained several national certificates, and it has been widely used and unanimously approved in agriculture and food, petroleum prospecting, chemical fiber industry, biomedical, etc.

Through years of successful market operation and extending technology, Niumag product line has formed peculiar solutions for low-field NMR technology, providing customer mature, steady and excellent industry and product solutions. We are proud to say Niumag Corporation has grown up to the most promising and dynamic enterprise in low-field NMR industry.